Buttons To Push

The buzzers and bells of Istanbul, in varying states of utility.

Getting Around

Graphics of public transportation signage from around the world. Available as individual prints to create your own collection. More to come!

Transito Graphico

Take off with these transit signage graphics drawn from photographs of actual signs collected throughout my travels. TRANSITO GRAPHICO is constantly being updated as I visit new places and document new signs.

Need More Coffee

Jumpstart your morning with this collection of coffees from around the world.

Travel Ephemera

Details of international travel ephemera – from airline safely card graphics to packaging to currency. Stay tuned for more travel ephemera from the Troyland Archive!

Tickets To Ride

All aboard with this colorful collection of train, bus, subway, and tram tickets from around the world. Available as a collage or as single ticket details – more to come!

Land Lines

Public telephones from around the world. Get them before they’re gone! Pair with SKODAS AND LADAS AND TRABIS – colorful Eastern European cars from another era.

Skodas and Ladas and Trabis

Colorful cars from another era on the streets of Eastern Europe. Pair with LAND LINES – public telephones from around the world.

Noodles For Lunch

Lunching in Asia is always a tasty experience, especially if you love noodles as much as I do. NOODLES FOR LUNCH is available as individual prints – combine all 15 on your wall or choose your favorites to create your own collection. I can also create a collage print of your favorites if you want to […]

Walk / Don’t Walk

Walk, Don’t Walk, Men Working, Children Playing… A collection of figure signage from around the world.