Tbilisi By Numbers

House and building numbers on the streets of the Old Town in Tbilisi, Georgia.


In search of a dentist in a foreign country.


Sweet treats from midwest America.

Horizon Lines

Traveling the highways and byways of America the Flat.

Mexico Streets

Colorful cars on the colorful streets of Mexico.

People You Meet

Entertaining the locals with requests for photos in Vietnam, Poland, Cuba, India, Mexico, and Georgia.

Go East

Street scenes from Poland, Hungary, and Romania in the early 90s. More to come!

Times Two

A double-take on eye-opening travel sights and experiences from around the world.


WANDERLUST is my book of travel photos published by Chronicle Books. The book is now available as a cover-to-cover print, or as individual spreads to create your own WANDERLUST collection.

Cruising Altitudes

The wild blue yonder from the comfort of my window seat.